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First off, let me admit, I am a Pinterest addict. I love DIY/craft projects and especially when I can do them for cheap! I read pins all the time about using free/cheap windows, shutters, furniture etc. yet I never happen to find them that cheap and definitely not free. I saw some at a Thrift Store priced for $40!?!?! Bless them..they have lost their mind if they think people will pay $40 for an old window! Then it happened…that one day I’m driving down the road and see a pile of old windows laying out waiting for me to rescue them! Unfortunately for me… and half the town, this house was on the corner of a BUSY intersection and it was about 100 degrees outside. I’m sure I was entertaining as I try to squeeze as many windows as possible in my small car. I was so elated to find free windows that of course I went back with a friend (who happened to drive an SUV) to get the rest! I mean who knows what I might want to do with those windows in the future!


Now that I had my FREE and perfectly weathered and chipped old windows, I had to find something to do with them. I pinned many ideas that I liked but settled on blowing up one of our wedding pictures to put behind it. I used this blog as a tutorial and got to work. I had so many pictures to choose from (thanks to Megan Forehand Photography) but I wasn’t sure which one would fit best behind the window. The last thing you want is lines running down the center of your face! I used my graphic design skills to re-size/scale/crop and guarantee (or so I thought) that the lines wouldn’t run across our faces.

Bad   Good 

See what I mean! It can be a little complicated with window panes.

Once I decided on a picture and blew it up to the appropriate size, I sent the file to Staples to have printed as an engineering print. It only cost me $5 to print a picture that size (34 in. x 40 in.) in black and white! The quality isn’t perfect but it didn’t matter, it was being cut into section and put behind a beat up window anyways.

I used a ruler and marked up the different sections the best I could and then cut them out. I just taped each section in the appropriate pane with scotch tape. As you can tell, it didn’t print perfectly so my chin is cut off but overall I think it turned out pretty cute for only $5. Now if only Bryant would learn to appreciate shabby chic 😉

photo 2

And here it is hung in our Master Bedroom:



I realized that I did a terrible job of showing how I made this so I’v done another tutorial of how to create your own window frame. You can find a better tutorial here.


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