DIY Crate Dog Bed and/or Storage


I am thrilled to back to share another simple DIY project and this one can be for your furry family members! It’s no secret that I LOVE my dogs and I love finding ways to create a space for them that works with my existing home decor. This project was inexpensive and turned out perfect for our little dog corner!

Supplies Needed:

  • Crate – make sure to consider the size of pet to determine what size crate
  • Jigsaw or other type of saw
  • Sander
  • Stain or Paint of choice
  • Pillow with Sham or Case

Here is how to make one:

Step 1: Mark where you want to cut your crate for the opening. I marked mine 2.5 inches from both sides and just the top two slats.

Step 1

Step 2: Using a jigsaw or other saw of choice, cut those lines to create the opening for the pet.


Step 3: Using a lower grit sandpaper, sand down not only the edges you just cut, but all the corners and top. I didn’t want any sharp edges that could be hazardous. By using a lower grit sandpaper, you can get smoother and rounded edges easily.


Step 4: Stain or Paint to match the style you want! Let it dry overnight! I roughly hit some of the edges with the sander after it was dry to give it a more rustic look but that is optional.


Step 5: Insert the pillow of choice! This is great for those cheap flat pillows, I have several extras around the house. I had an old pillow sham that was no longer being used that worked perfectly. Depending on the crate size, you may have to fold your pillow in half (like I did).


That’s all! This crate dog bed matches my living room style much better than most beds and I think Mason is definitely loving it already.  



I am currently using it as hidden dog storage in our living room under the side table. The dog corner (as shown above) no longer exists if you didn’t notice in my Living Room tour, but I wanted to keep some of the dog toys nearby so it worked perfectly! The cutout side alows the dogs access to their toys where the front and back of the crate help disguise it.



I’ve also used it in the past in our guest bathroom for towels and it worked great! So it’s shaping up to be a great piece to have around!


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Traditional Rustic Living Room Tour


If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I’ve mentioned that I’ve been in the summer slump! Life has been a little tough lately and I just haven’t been in the mood to create or re-decorate which means very little blogging for me. The truth is, I love making things and decorating and get so much joy out of it but I just needed a break from it all. The good news is…I’m now rested, inspired and ready to create new things and do some redecorating just in time for fall…my favorite time of year!

I spent this last weekend moving things from different rooms and restyling my living room and I’m excited to finally share it all with you! I had picked up a few new things from Ikea while I was in Atlanta but other than that, I just shopped my house which means a fresh look for a little price! I think this is actually the first home tour I’ve done of this room so it’ll give you a better idea of our open living space!

Let’s start from this angle from the entryway/hallway with guest bedrooms, movie room to give you an idea of our large space. I loved this floor plan because it didn’t have a designated breakfast area which gave you flexibility of how you can use the space. The flip side is it also makes things a little challenging to arrange and utilize the space. Until a few months ago we had the couches turned to separate the “living area” from a “sitting area” on that far wall. I never loved it and one day moved things around and wow did it make a huge difference! Now we have one large living space that is open and we wondered why we didn’t try it sooner!


My desire for our home was for it to feel warm and welcoming and LIVED IN!! Yes, I love the glamorous homes with white and light furnishings but the truth is….we spend a lot of time here and our life can be messy and I’d rather not worry about it. The dogs come in with muddy paws, they eat in here (as you can see) and we have friends or small groups over and we want people to kick their feet up and eat and drink and feel at home.

I’m going to do my best to share ALL the sources which will be challenging since this is a large open space and we have a lot going on in here but here goes!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase using these links.



Blue and White Garden Stool – Gifted from a friend (you can find one similar HERE)

Blue and White Planter – Thrift Store Find

Blanket Ladder – Flea Market (you can find one similar HERE or HERE)

Snow Leapord Fur Blanket – HERE>>

Chevron Throw – Barn and Willow

Grapevine Wreath – found in the yard at an estate sale so it was FREE!



Candlesticks – Target last year (you can find similar ones HERE or HERE)

White washed Bucket – thrift store

Dried Hydrangeas from a family friend’s yard

Sewing Machine Table – Legs from the thrift store that I added the wood top

Frame – Hobby Lobby

Corinthians 13 Print – GraceLaced


Mirror – You can find similar HERE>>

Olive Branches – HERE>>

Accent Pillows on Couch – Ikea Vigdis Pillows


Floor Lamp – HERE>>

Wood Plant Stand/End Table – Estate Sale find by a family friend

Ivory Pitcher – Thrift Store

Dried Lavender – HERE>>


Couch – HERE>>

Curtains – DIY Drop cloth curtains that I shared about HERE>>

Rug – Belk (similar one HERE)

Ottoman – Craigslist table that I painted and then paid a friend to upholster the top.

Side Tables – Craigslist Redo shared about HERE>>


Table Lamps – HERE>>

DIY Beadboard Frames in Hallway HERE>>

Mail Organizer – Thrift Store find with makeover

Galvanized and Moss Ball – Simply French Market


Accent Chairs – Craigslist Find

Drum Table – Craigslist find (similar one HERE)

Pillows in Accent Chairs – Hobby Lobby HERE>>

Large Ceramic Vase on Drum Table – TJMaxx


Sewing Bucket on Fireplace – Estate Sale

Faux Hydrangeas in Bucket – Mix from Michaels and Hobby Lobby

Ceramic Candlesticks on Fireplace – from a local furniture store




Small Dark Cabinet – Home Goods – It Hides the Cable Box, DVD player, etc.

Console Table – HERE>>

Faux Topiaries – Ikea and just wrapped the base in burlap

DIY Barn Door – HERE>>

Shutters – Old Pantry Doors transformed – Read more HERE>>


Antique Sugar Mold – Flea Market (can find theme HERE)

Faux Succulents and small clay pots – Dollar Tree

Wreath – DaisyMaeBelle


Old Chair – Thrift Store

Basket Planter – Thrift Store Basket and just painted the top

Lanterns on Shutters – Thrift Store (You can find similar HERE)


Basket – Can be found HERE but mine was a thrift store find!

DIY Hydrangea Pillow HERE>>

I sing because I’m happy pillow – Blueridgechicks Instagram Sale

Botanical Pillow – Inthefarmkitchenshop Instagram Sale


Blue and White Planter – Yard Sale

Wax Lamp – Hobby Lobby



Bar Stools – HERE>>

Dog Toy Storage – DIY Crate Project Coming Soon



Fruits of the Spirit Gallery Wall – All Details HERE>>

Corner Shelf – Hand-me-down from Parents

Hanging Lantern – HERE>>


And that’s about all for this room! This has to be a record for my longest blog post and cheers to you if you stuck around this whole time! I hope you enjoyed seeing more of our traditional rustic living room!


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Free Watercolor Laurel Printable

I am a huge fan of watercolor prints. There is just something so soft and beautiful about watercolor and I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while. While attending the Haven Blogger Conference this past weekend, I had the priveledge of taking a watercolor class with Lucy from Craftberry Bush! Lucy is ridiculously talented and I felt like I was meeting a celebrity.


We didn’t have a ton of time to practice but I was pretty pleased with how my first watercolor painting turned out and I can’t wait to play around with watercolor more!


I wanted to thank all of you for your continous support for our family and this blog. I’m offering this free 8×10 printable for all of my amazing subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do that below and receive this printable in your inbox!


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