My Baby Must Haves – Baby Brezza

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve started sharing several of the items that have made motherhood so much easier for me over the past 6 months! I’ve had these blog posts written for a while but I’ve just been waiting for our adoption finalization and Christmas season to finally share!

One of the biggest game changers for me was the Baby Brezza Formula Pro…talk about the most genius creations ever!!! It’s like a Keurig for bottles and I will recommend it to EVERY single formula feeding parent I come in contact with!

You may think I’m exaggerating but I am not, I can’t say enough great things about this formula dispenser. It stores the formula and the water and you just select how much formula you want from 2oz to 10oz. With a touch of a button and 30 seconds you have a bottle ready at the perfect temperature. No more bottle warmers, microwaving or shaking vigorously. I do give the bottle a quick shake once I have the nipple on just to make sure it’s mixed up well but it’s really the easiest thing ever!

I had read about some concerns with the Baby Brezza in the past, with formula clumping and making diluted bottles but as long as you have it all setup correctly and keep the funnel clean, it makes it perfect every time. I am guessing they have made improvements since the early models because every few bottles it will prompt you to clean the funnel where I just take a napkin and run it along the opening where the formula is dispensed. It’s a quick 10 second stepand then you’re back to quick bottle making!

You can purchase or add the Baby Brezza Formula Pro to your registry HERE!

Our bottle station is so handy and as you can imagine has been well loved over the past several months. I use this Wire Drying Rack (affiliate link) for my bottles and it has been the perfect bottle station that isn’t too much of an eye sore either!

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My Baby Must Haves – Owlet Monitor

I’ve been a mom for almost 6 months now and I can quickly tell you some of my favorite baby products that made my life so much easier and stress free. One of those is the Owlet Monitor.

If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a sock that your little one wears that monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels. I’ve heard several people debating whether these little devices are worth it or not and I’m here to tell you IT IS WORTH IT for me! We waited far too long and worked way too hard to start a family to not do everything in our ability to keep Ellie as safe as possible.

I remember the first few nights as parents while we were in the hotel, i was waking up every hour or so to make sure she was breathing. Once we got home we were able to easily setup our Owlet and it’s brought me such peace of mind! We’re fortunate to have an amazing sleeper on our hands that has been sleeping all the way through the night for months now, it’s so comforting to know that this little monitor is watching her while we all sleep.

She’s a quiet sleeper and breather so if I’m ever worried I just just pull up the app on my phone and see her Heart Rate and Oxygen levels and then go back to sleep knowing she is alive and well and this little device is keeping watch over her when I can’t. She has just recovered from her first case of RSV and I was extra thankful for this little sock to make sure our little girl was breathing well throughout the night.

I’ve heard some of the mattress pads and other options frequently have false alarms but we’ve never had that. The only alarms we’ve had is if I had forgotten to charge the sock and the battery died in the middle of the night. You can’t imagine how quickly I jumped out of bed and grabbed my baby girl when that alarm went off.

So if you are on the fence about the Owlet Monitor, it’s a BIG YES for me! I did receive this product for free but I would definitely buy this (my sister did after I told her about mine) and will recommend it to all my friends!

You can purchase it or add it to your registry HERE! (affiliate link)

Traditional Rustic Christmas Decor

Well, I am way late to be sharing but I’m finally sharing my Christmas Living Room tour. My house has been taken over by baby stuff and it’s dark by the time I get home which has made it difficult to get some good pictures of our Christmas decor and the truth is, I am a little preoccupied with work and mom life and blogging has been put on the back burner unfortunately.

I wanted a little change this year but couldn’t afford to change things up too much so I just made some small changes like this DIY Ticking Stripe Ball Garland and just tweaking some of the ornaments by leaving out anything shiny or glittery and only using things that were flat or matte finish.

I had an old seagrass rug that I bought from World Market several years ago and I just cut one side and used it around the tree as a tree skirt which turned out super cute! I love the texture it adds!

I recently moved my other console table to that wall and was excited to get to decorate it as well. I started with my new Daisymaebelle wreath that is absolutely stunning and just went from there.

I had these two small trees from a couple years ago at Old Time Pottery and they’re always some of my favorite to use. I stuck a few small pieces of eucalyptus in the trees to tie in with the wreath and decided to use my old green and red books to style the table.

It’s no secret that I am loving brass and gold right now so I pulled out all of my brass/gold items and started adding them in. I picked up the set of gold reindeer at Marshall’s this year and the set of bells on the books from Tuesday morning but the rest of it was things I already had. I shop the house as often as I can and it often pays off!

The past couple years I completely restyled our hutch with Christmas decor but this year I scaled back and just wanted to stick with the table and wanted something classic. I loved the look of several brass candlesticks but didnt own any so I called my grandma who was coming to visit and asked if she had any and got lucky! Big Mama hunted her house and found 14 brass candlesticks and brought them with her which were absolutely perfect! I scrounged up enough candles and then me and a coworker went into the field by work and clipped some greenery to use in the house!

It turned out exactly how I hoped, classic and simple yet festive and didn’t cost me a dime which is even better!

So that’s all for my Christmas decor this year! I tried to keep it fairly simple and I’m just enjoying our first Christmas with our baby girl!

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