DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet

DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet_V

This DIY has to be one of the simplest DIY projects ever but I figured why not share it anyways. I love bracelets and love stacking and mixing and matching them together. Both times I went to the Nashville Flea Market I picked up some leather cord. There is a guy there that sells it for $.50 a yard and you just never know when you may need it for a project! I went to Hobby Lobby to find the best and easiest clasp for this project. I found this pack of pinch clasps with lobster and chain that worked perfectly.


Step One: Start by wrapping the leather around your wrist as many times as you would want the wrap bracelet, I chose three times. Mark or hold where to cut and then cut the cord to size.

Step Two: Using pliers, hold the pinch clasp and insert one end of the leather cord. Make sure it is straight and lined up correctly and then clamp the clasp closed. Repeat on the other end.

With the small price of leather at the flea market and getting the 6 pack of clasps for half off, this bracelet probably cost me $1 or less! I can’t wait to go back to the flea market to get other colors of leather cord to make more of these simple leather wrap bracelets.

File_000 (3)

You can read more about this wood watch here.

DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet_H

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Four Ways to Spruce a Wreath

I have a wreath addiction. I literally have at least one wreath in each room of our house, I just can’t get enough! I am always changing them out or trying to change them up a bit. One of my favorites is my wooden rosette wreath from Home Goods, it adds great texture, matches almost everything and has been great to spruce up for different seasons, holidays or just when I get bored :) Here are four different ways I’ve changed it up recently. 

DIY Moss Monogram Here


I made this Moss Cross to spruce it up for Easter Vignette


I just added a patriotic burlap hanger on it for my patriotic decor.


Add any small banner like this DIY burlap banner.



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Neutral Pillow Roundup


I’m on the hunt for new pillows for our living room. I want something netural and bright but with some sort of pattern or texture. I’ve shopped around a ton locally and surprisingly just haven’t found the perfect set. Here are 6 of my favorites I’ve found online so far!

Sources:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Where is your favorite pillow shop? I’d love to hear some other stores and shops to check out!

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