Presidents Day Sale Roundup at Urban Outfitters

When I saw this deal come through my email, I knew it was a good one! All the home sale items at Urban Outfitters are an additional 40% off!!!! I quickly rounded up some of my favorite finds that I HAD to share! Some of these deals are amazing and I love how unique the items at Urban are! The discount pricing won’t show up until it’s in the cart so don’t be confused when you click the links! I’ve included the super sale pricing in my blog to make things easier! Also keep in mind you get Free Shipping on orders over $50!! SCORE!

Let’s Start out with the Rugs – because I’m pretty sure they’re my favorite and all under $100!


1 Zoomi Printed Rug 3×5
Originally $89 | Now $17.99

2  Paylo Tufted Rug 5×7
Originally $269 | Now $95.99

3 Neva Medallion Printed Rug 3×5
Originally $69 | Now $17.99

4 Casbah Chenille Printed Rug 5×7
Originally $189 | Now $65.99

5 Magical Thinking Boho Border Printed Rug
Originally $119 | Now $41.99 for 8×10

6 Metallic Vegan Hide Rug
Originally $159 | Now $53.99


Ok, moving onto some of the most beautiful linens from comforters to pillows to shower curtains! These are some amazing prices!


1 Eyelash Fringe Comforter  – Available in Twin, Queen or King!

Originally $189 | Now $65.99

2 Pieced Lace Comforter –  Only comes in Twin but would be such an awesome quilt for the bottom of any size bed! I’m debating getting it to go on the foot of our master!
Originally $229 | Now $59.99

3 Plum & Bow Nora Tufted Chenille Bolster Pillow – Y’all know I love anything ivory and chenille so this pillow was made for me!!!
Originally $39 | Now 14.99

4 Campo Check Woven Pillowcase Set

Originally $39 | Now $11.99

5 Shiro Floral Cutout Shower Curtain
Originally $79 | Now $29.99

6 Patti Marled Dyed Knit Throw Blanket
Originally $89 | Now $20.99

7 4040 Locust Wyatt Space Dyed Shower Curtain in Rust Color
Originally $59  | Now $20.99


Ok, I had to show you a few awesome furniture deals! There are more items but I just had to choose some of my favorites!


1 Lulu Rattan Headboard
Originally $249 | Now $83.99

2 Amira Carved Wood Headboard
Originally $389 | Now $167.99

3 Pyramid Shelf in Copper
Originally $129 | Now $53.99

4 Hope Round Coffee Table – I love the details on this piece!! This one is super tempting for me!
Originally  $349 | Now $199.99


And here are just a few other items that I thought were worth sharing!


1 Long Neck Gumball Sconce
Originally $98 | Now $41.99

2 Enamelware Map Mug
Originally $14 | Now $2.99


3 S’well Metallic Water Bottle
Originally $42 | Now $17.99


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase using these links.

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DIY Shiplap Inspired Charger Plates

DIY Shiplap Inspired Charger Plates

I love the farmhouse styles and although my home is very traditional, I try to accent it with rustic and farmhouse decor occasionally because I just adore the character it adds! Shiplap is one of the most popular trends right now that gives a space that classic farmhouse feel and I have been dying to find a place for some without fully committing to a wall. I had some extra pine in the garage from the top of my green cabinet makeover HERE and got this idea to make some Shiplap inspired charger plates.

I wasn’t exactly sure how we were going to make it happen because there is always multiple ways to do a project but I’m excited to share how we made ours!

Step 1: Using a Charger Plate, trace the circle to create the cut line.


Step 2: Cut out the circle using a jigsaw


Step 3: Sand down the top, bottom and sides really good. People will touch these so you want the edges pretty smooth and also where it won’t scratch up your table.


Step 4: Draw Cut Lines going with the wood grain! This is important, we did one going against the wood grain and trust us…don’t try it!


Step 5: Using a drimmel and saw blade, cut along your lines, just make sure you don’t cut all the way through the wood! You will want to practice on some scrap wood before you try this on your charger!


Step 6: Briefly sand it again with a fine grit paper

Step 7: Paint! If paint starts pooling in the ridges, use a toothpick to run through them to make sure it doesn’t dry like that and ruin the shiplap appearance! I painted the bottoms also to give it a more finished look in case someone picked them up.


That’s really it! These are FAR from perfect but I still love how they turned out! If I hadn’t been using scrap pine to make this project free, I would have ordered 13” wooden circles online to save us step 1 and 2 and so they would be perfectly circle. But hey – these were using scrap wood (WHICH MEANS FREE) and imperfection is part of DIY projects isn’t it?

DIY Shiplap Inspired Charger Plates3

DIY Shiplap Inspired Charger Plates2

DIY Shiplap Inspired Charger Plates4

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DIY Bow Tied Dropcloth Curtains

DIY Bow Tied Dropcloth Curtains

It’s no secret that I love drop cloth curtains. I have made some for my living room HERE and some for our bedroom HERE. Drop cloth is so affordable and neutral that it works perfectly in so many spaces! I knew I wanted to do another set for the nursery but wanted to come up with a different way to use them. My first two sets were both done with fabric tape but I knew my grandma was coming in town and recruited her help on these since they would require sewing. Sewing is a skill set that I do not have but luckily she does. I also love that we got to make these together, it makes them that much sweeter! I decided to only do one large panel per window since I plan to keep them open most of the time and wanted just one panel on each far side.



Dropcloth – I ordered THIS one and cut it in half to get the two panels

Cotton Ticking Striped Ribbon – HERE

Sewing Machine


Here are the Steps: 

Step 1: Wash and Dry Dropcloth

Step 2: Cut the dropcloth in half (if you order the same one I did).

Step 3: Cut your ribbon into 10 inch strips. You may need longer depending on the width of your curtain rod.

Step 4: On the back side of the dropcloth (look at the hem to determine) you will start pinning your ribbon for your bows. You will need two ribbon pieces per bow. I did 15 bows per panel and did the math to find the distance between each bow (60 inches/15 = 4 inches). The good thing is it doesn’t have to be perfect, once they’re on the rod you will never be able to tell. Fold over the cut edge of the dropcloth (I folded mine an inch) and pin each set of ribbon in place.


Step 5: Using a sewing machine stitch along the folded edge of the dropcloth. This not only secures the ribbon but gives you a clean edge for the top of your curtain panel. This is my sweet Big Mama at work! :) 


Step 6: Now go back and stitch along the cut ends of the ribbons and cut edge of the dropcloth. You will want to do this to make sure the bows are secured.


Optional: This was brought to my attention from a sweet Instagram follower when I mentioned how I was trying to tie my bows so they would all hang on the rod evently. She suggested to stitch the two ribbons together at the same measurement for all (determine that distance based on the rod). That stitch is what will hold them on the rod and then you can just tie the bows for decorative purposes. I did not do this but it would have been much easier than trying to make sure you tied each bow around the same distance on the rod like I did. Either way works though!

That is all! It really was super simple, especially if you know how to sew!

DIY Bow Tied Dropcloth Curtains4

DIY Bow Tied Dropcloth Curtains6

You can find the Brass and Crystal Curtain Rods HERE

DIY Bow Tied Dropcloth Curtains9

You can find the Gold and Crystal Knob Curtain Pulls HERE.

I just used some dark wax on them to make them look a little more aged.

DIY Bow Tied Dropcloth Curtains3

DIY Bow Tied Dropcloth Curtains5

Someone else loves this room as much as I do! :)DIY Bow Tied Dropcloth Curtains7

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase using these links.

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