Simple Christmas Console Table Decor

Usually my console table is the first place to get decorated but this year it was one of the last places. I was really sad to see my Fall console table go and reached out to Jen from Harper Grayce about a custom sign to replace her awesome pumpkin patch sign.

She has a Farm Fresh Christmas Tree sign that is to die for but I wanted something a little more meaningful for Christmas. I drew up some ideas and Jen took it and ran with it and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! You can find this sign HERE. Her signs are such great quality and so beautiful! I love how she uses rustic wood for the back, frame and then the raised cutouts on top!

I wanted to keep the decor around the sign fairly simple and not take away from the sign so I just pulled out some cheap pine garland that I had in storage. One of them was a clearance garland I had picked up at Walgreens several years ago and never used. Cheap garland is pretty ugly by itself So I just collected picks and things I already had and started filling it in.

I used some faux eucalyptus from my fall tablescape, the other faux greenery from my fall console table, some pinecones from an old wreath and some berry stems I had and just started filling in the garland on the table and above the sign until it looked full enough and with enough interest to compliment the sign. I used a few lanterns I had in storage from our wedding and that was it! This was super simple and the perfect festive and classic decor for our Christmas console table this year.

So that’s it! A super simple console table this year and I absolutely love it with the lights on and off! Plus I love the reminder of the true reason for the season front and center in our living room!

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Baby Girl Christmas Nursery

As soon as we got home with Ellie and started getting excited about her first Christmas I knew I wanted to decorate her nursery. Christmas is such a magical time and my favorite time of year and I just wanted her room to be just as sweet and special!

I love our true green tree for our living room but the nursery seemed to be the perfect place to try our first flocked tree. I ordered the 8 foot prince pencil tree from King of Christmas and I cannot tell you how great quality this tree is! I love that it has the power pole so you don’t have to plug in each piece and it really didn’t shed as much as you would think a flocked tree would. This tree truly is gorgeous without any decorations on it as you an see! 

As pretty as the tree is naked, I wanted a pink and white and silver tree to really compliment the nursery. My goal was to spend as little money as possible and luckily I had all of the tree decorations with the exceptions of 3 ornaments I picked up at Marshalls. Five years ago my husband and I got married and had a Christmas wedding and our colors were light pink and silver so I was able to use all of the decor from the wedding which worked out perfectly and was kind of special to pull out 5 years later!

Two years ago I picked up a lot of mercury glass and silver ornaments along with the fur tree skirt at Home Goods when they were half off after the season. I used alot of the mercury glass in the dining room last year but it all worked perfect for this tree this year! I also pulled any and all my white decor from my living room tree decor to use in here.

All of the pearl ornaments you see were leftover DIY wedding favors that my mom found and worked perfectly for her tree! My family and friends helped us make over a hundred of these ornaments and boy they were a labor of love!

I love how the tree turned out and love that it was done using things I had… it pays to be a after season shopper and christmas decor hoarder 😉 

I wrapped a couple presents for Ellie and one for my neice to put under the tree. I just used the backside of some wrapping paper I had to get the classic white look and found this perfect pink and lace ribbon at Michaels! 

Then I wanted to decorate the little shelf over the bench. I already had this Merry Christmas Darling sign from my best friend Amanda and her etsy shop from last year so I decided to use that and just decorate a little around it. I picked up all of these bottle trees in the Target One Spot this year along with the white house on the right. I already had the other white houses from last Christmas!

I also found that adorable star garland and small fur stocking in the Target One Spot and it works perfectly here!

I already loved spending time in her room but now even more so! I find myself going in there more and more just to enjoy the twinkling lights and fun Christmas decor!

I plan to do a full nursery tour very soon with all the details and sources but until then I had to share our baby girls christmas nursery with a few adorable pictures of her as a bonus at the end of the post!

And here is a couple more pictures of our sweet girl!

She’s a rolling machine and rolls all over the house so naturally she kept rolling into the tree when I tried to take her picture! And I love these of her in this little outfit that was my sisters when she was a baby!

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DIY Ticking Stripe Ball Garland

The last two years I used burlap and plaid ribbon around my tree and this year I wanted to change it up so I started brainstorming some new ideas. I remembered seeing some cute ball garland on Destiny’s tree a couple years ago and that was my inspiration. She used socks for hers – GENIUS but I was trying to keep my cost down as much as possible and hadn’t seen any cute and affordable socks to use.

Before I share how I made these, this was a super simple and quick DIY that only took a couple hours and that was with breaks to keep the baby happy so that was a huge win for me! This is my first DIY since becoming a mom and I didn’t realize how much I missed it!

Here are the few supplies:

  • Ticking Stripe Fabric – ordered HERE I just ordered 2 yards
  • Styrofoam balls – These are 3 inch balls that I had these leftover from my ornament wedding favors 5 years ago and never had used them so this was perfect!
  • Hot Glue – because y’all know I can’t sew!
  • Twine

You can make these using old ball ornaments you no longer use, those cheap balls from kids ball pits, foam balls or more! I always encourage to use what you have if possible!


Here is how to make it:

Step 1: Figure out how wide the fabric needs to be to fully cover the ball and leave a little room to overlap for glue.

Step 2: Once you have that width cut down the entire strip of fabric so you have one long piece at the same width. The ticking stripe pattern makes this easy if you cut along the stripes.

Step 3: Start hot glueing it together to make a round, cylinder shape. I just ran a small line (8 inches or so at a time) of hot glue and then overlapped the other side until the entire piece of fabric is glued together. You will want to make sure you don’t accidentally glue the top to the bottom so just make sure you keep that “tunnel” open. I like to use a paint stick for this to just insert and separate without burning myself.

Step 4: Once I had the entire strip of fabric glued I started sliding in my foam balls. I made my one strip of fabric into two small garlands but you can do it all as one large garland piece also. Each piece of garland had about 6-8 balls for mine. I didn’t care if they were exact since they would appear to pop in and out of the tree.

Step 5: Flip your garland over so the glued seam is on the bottom and starting on the end, begin tying off the garland with twine or your string/ribbon of choice. Then tie in between each ball until you tie them all off. Once I got about half way, I would cut my fabric and repeat this step for the second small piece of garland. I just kept making them until I ran out of my 2 yards of fabric.

That’s really it! Because I had the foam balls, twine and hot glue this project was super cheap and easy and I love the change of shape and pattern it adds to the tree! If i get sick of the ticking stripe and want to make similar with a different pattern, I can just cut off the fabric and reuse the foam balls another year!

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