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Wow… About me? Where to even start?

In December 2012 I married my best friend. I had big dreams (thanks to Pinterest) that the newly married Courtney would be super fit, crafty, learn to cook, be super fashionable and pretty much be a super woman. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I have mastered all of those things like I had hoped but every once in a while I’ll accomplish one of them or fail and will share on my blog.

I am a graphic designer/marketing coordinator with a love for almost all things crafty! I am typically super frugal to the point where I won’t buy much unless it’s on clearance or thrift store find. I do not claim to be a professional decorator or DIY expert but I am very passionate about both of those things and hope to inspire and encourage others that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to achieve a beautiful and welcoming home.

I have always loved decorating my room/dorm/apartment but my love for DIY home décor really expanded when I moved into my husband’s house after we were married. I spent a year and a half redecorating his bachelor pad and making it our home on a very small budget. We recently sold that house and build a house and have been spending our time ever since decorating and filling it with all kinds of DIY and thrifty finds. We are parents to two fur-babies, Riley and Mason, which I’m sure you will see often!

I have always loved reading blogs and I’m often busy with different projects or events and who knows…maybe someone out there is interested in reading about what is going on at the Hamby Home!

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