Neutral Fall Ammo Crate


I started thrifting and shopping used over 4 years ago and one of my first scores with this ammo crate I got a yard sale from a military family for $10. It’s been used in our office for years as storage but I decided it may be time to see what else I can use it for!

This may look a little familiar if you remember my DIY Neutral and Natural Fall Centerpiece, I decided to take all of the items from the centerpiece and use them in the ammo box. I started with the largest pumpkin and just start filling it up! I actually love that it’s all contained in the box and pouring out and love the rustic look the crate adds.


I was really wanting to try these in our dough bowl but love that this is just a different spin for a similar look! You really can use any type of filler but I just used the faux eucalyptus stems, hydrangeas, succulents and pumpkins I had used for the tablescape.








So what are your thoughts? Do you like the crate decor or the styled tablescape better?

Here is a refresher:


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