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Hardware is one of those small details that has the potential to transform and add so much character to a piece of furniture. I have purchased multiple pieces used from Craigslist, Estate Sales, thrift stores or on the Facebook Sale sites that replacing the hardware just made the piece.

Before our new house I really hadn’t gotten used furniture much so I wasn’t really sure where to start looking for hardware. There are so many stores online that sell great hardware but the one place that surprised me the most was Home Depot. This is not a sponsored post, I just have been so surprised and happy with the hardware I’ve gotten over the past three years that I thought it was worth sharing for all of you thrifty friends!

Home Depot online has been such an awesome source of affordable hardware that also has the character I was looking for. The In store the options are very basic but I’ve found all the hardware I needed and for great prices on their website and they usually offer free shipping! I don’t want to skimp and get boring hardware but I also don’t want to spend too much on my thrifty/budget friendly used piece of furniture. Another bonus is I’ll order several options and just return what I don’t like in store where ordering from other sites would require shipping the rejects back.

Here are some of the pieces I’ve transformed with hardware from Home Depot:

This green cabinet I’m using as a console table


You may remember my green cabinet makeover HERE but I used these rustic looking drawer pulls and knobs to complete the rustic look I was going for.


Drawer Pulls Home Depot and Knobs Home Depot


Our vintage dresser/changing table


I bought this awesome vintage piece off the Facebook pages but it had some awful hardware someone had put on it that didn’t match the style at all. I was hunting for some vintage brass looking hardware that just had the perfect classic vintage vibe. I found these originally on Amazon but the lead time was 6 weeks, after looking again I found them on Home Depot’s website for the same price so I cancelled my Amazon order and reordered from Home Depot and they were delivered within a week!

The piece was also missing some of the keyhole hardware which I learned is called “keyhole escutecheon”.  I ordered some authentic vintage keyhole escutecheons from ebay and then also some from Home Depot and the new ones actually worked better and looked better than the ones from ebay.


You can find the Drawer Pulls Home Depot and Keyhole Escutecheon Home Depot


This Chest I’m using in the dining room


I originally picked up this chest at the thrift store to use it as a changing table but quickly realized it was too low for that. I loved the piece though and decided it would be great for this corner of the dining room. The hardware on it was really plain and a couple knobs were broken.

Because of the shape and style, I also ordered a keyhole hardware to give it a little more character even though it won’t really have a key hole! I’m hoping to get that added to the piece soon! 


You can find the Cabinet/Drawer Pulls Home Depot and Keyhole Hardware Home Depot


Drum Table in the living room 


I also gave this drum table I found on Craigslist a makeover and replaced the hardware with this round vintage inspired drawer pull. I loved how unique it was and matched the character of the table.


I believe this is the one I have Home Depot

Here are a few others I would love to use on future projects!


Pipeline Vintage Cabinet Pull 


Lion Head Ring Pull 


Oil Rubbed Bronze Cup Pull


Antique Brass Ring Pull

As I mentioned this is not sponsored, nor are these affiliate links, I just have been so happy with my finds that I wanted to share incase you have some upcoming furniture projects!

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