Summer Living Room Refresh


We’ve been in this house 2.5 years now and a lot of the living room basics have not changed since we moved in. I’ve been itching for some updates and have to admit this refresh has been a nice change for Spring and Summer.

You can remind yourself what it looked like before HERE.


I’ve been hoping for a new rug for the living room for months. We got our old one before we built this house and as my style evolved, this rug just didn’t suit me anymore. All I knew is I wanted a traditional/vintage style. I started scouring the internet for rugs and found several I liked but none of them ever felt just right. Several weeks ago my husband and I decided to make a day trip to Ikea which is 4 hours away from us, which means we took our time shopping once we got there. Ikea had this awesome selection of turkish rugs, who knew?! They had tons of different colors and patterns from neutral to colorful…the only problem was the price! These rugs were NOT CHEAP!! We looked through them for a while but decided they were too far out of the budget and moved on. As we were about to check out I had to pop in the AS IS section just to check and happened to see one of the turkish rugs. It was just a floor model so it was still in great condition but was now marked way down and was back into our price range. I would have never picked something this colorful but we loved how unique it was and decided it was a deal we couldn’t pass up!


If I was getting the turkish rug, I knew I had to go back for the turkish pillow covers too! So we walked all the way back through IKEA to get those turkish pillows!


The great thing about this rug is it has so many different colors in it that it works with most of the items we have already. Most of my decor is very neutral but it also had green and blue in it to compliment all of blue and white ceramics and my green console table and greenery. 


This refresh couldn’t have come at a better time. After losing our babies I needed a project, I needed more color and joy to focus on. I have really loved how bright and fun this space is now!

The chairs from our sitting area no longer worked with the new rug so I started brainstorming what I really wanted. They were just Craigslist finds so they weren’t my first choice for chairs anyways. I decided on wicker to add texture and weathered wood elements to the space. I chose these Corby Arm Chairs and they were even more perfect than I originally thought and they showed up with the cushions which was a great surprise since they weren’t shown online!


This is my little plant corner and I already had these two plants that had pops of pink/red before we got the rug so they ended up being perfect!!


This spring console table is one of my favorites so it’s staying as is for now. You may remeber most of it from my spring console table post HERE.


I’m going to try to share ALL of the details and the sources below which I know may be obnoxious but it’s easier to have it all in one place and I hope you may find it helpful!


Turkish Rug – IKEA (the closest I could find online was HERE and HERE)

Turkish Pillows – IKEA (you can find similar HERE)

Wicker Chairs – Birch Lane

Drum Table – Craigslist

Botanical and Wedding Date Pillow – Linen and Ivory

Hanging Basket on door – thrifted

Blue and White Ceramics – thrifted

Blue and White Garden Stool – gifted (similar HERE)

Blanket Ladder – Flea Market (several similar HERE)

tobacco stick “gate” – flea market find


Couch and Love Seat – Local Store but can be found HERE

Floor Lamp HERE

Floral Wreath – HERE

Mirror – HERE

Basket/side table – Home Goods

About Drop Cloth Curtains HERE


Ottoman – Grandin Road

Side Tables – Craigslist and Painted Tutorial HERE

Table Lamps HERE


Green Cabinet Makeover HERE

Artwork – Home Goods

Tobacco Basket – won from IG Giveaway

Chair with plant – thrifted

Bird Cage – JoAnn’s

summer-living-room-refresh-v16bBasket Planter – thrifted

Topiaries – IKEA last year

Candlesticks on Fireplace – local store


So what do you guys think of the refresh? I know it’s not “on trend” with all the neutrals but I have to admit it sure has made us happy to see so much color added to the room! This is another reason I’m so glad I did buy mostly neutral pieces so I can easily change things out using what I already had!


And the real stars of the show were there too! 😉




And just a few more shots of our Summer Refresh!





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