To the Woman Whose Heart Desires to be a Mom on Mother’s Day


I’ve shared our journey through infertility and the recent loss of our two babies HERE and I’m very fortunate to have several friends who have either been through the tough journey or are going through it right now to stand alongside me. It can be such a lonely journey and still often feels that way.

Mother’s Day can be a really tough day for most women who so badly yearn to be a mom. It’s a day that celebrates what your heart most desires which can be very painful. Of course we all celebrate our own amazing mothers but it doesn’t take away the pain and desire of wanting to be a mother yourself.

The truth is even after going through this journey, I still don’t know what to say to women struggling to start a family other than I am sorry. But I wanted to share with you a Facebook message that someone sent me after we lost our two babies and I found so much comfort in and I hope you will to.

YOUR best is coming. You will not be given some consolation prize in the end for enduring this hardship. The very best thing for your family is still ahead. Whether that’s adoption, with help from doctors or natural or a mix, the timing and situation is the very very best thing FOR YOU. You aren’t being punished or deprived, your best is coming.

I feel a love for you because I know what your heart is going through and know what God requires of those He allows to experience something like this. Knowing that your best is coming, or knowing that there is a plan that we just can’t see now doesn’t mean it’s easy or make you feel better when you are in the trenches of it. But someday it will be over, your heart will heal, and what you are experiencing now will be a faint memory. Hang in there and know you are not alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

This message was from a stranger and I couldn’t even explain how much I appreciated those words. So today, if your heart is breaking, I hope those words give you some hope for your future. I love the Casting Crowns “Just Be Held” song where it says “your worlds not falling apart it’s falling into place” and I am claiming that for each one of you today.


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