Nursery Wall Quote and Tips to Hang it

Nursery Wall Quote and Tips to Hang it

Ever since I decided on the white iron crib I shared HERE, I knew I wanted a shiplap accent wall and something really unique and special above the crib. So the wheels started turning… I knew I wanted to use the bible verse 1 Samuel 1:27 in the nursery somewhere. It is a great reminder of the years of tears shed and thousands upon thousands of prayers sent for that child by me and SO MANY family, friends and strangers!

I’ve seen Joanna Gaines and other bloggers using metal or wooden words on their shiplap walls and knew after seeing it that is exactly what I wanted. Now lucky for me, one of my best blogger friends sells wooden word cutouts and agreed to make a custom cutouts for me in the font I sent her! Seriously Brooke, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! So not only does this verse have special meaning, it was custom made by a dear friend…it doesn’t get much better than that!

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So here is how it turned out! I spray painted them black and used command strips to hang them. I’ll share a few tips I found to hanging them below. I am seriously so in love!!! This whole room has been a labor of love and has brought me so much joy to design, create and anticipate our sweet child that we haven’t met yet.

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So here is some awesome news…not only did Brooke make me these custom cutouts but now she’s selling them so you can get some too! 

So you can order these HERE>>

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Here are some Tips for Hanging these: 

These are not pretty pictures but I wanted to share some tips I found for hanging these and getting them spaced correctly. This font was a little tough because the letters didn’t line up on top or bottom which made them tough to get level but this trick helped!

Step One: Use painters tape and mark and measure the space. I marked our window ledges, the crib edges (I wanted to make sure the words didn’t go outside the crib area), and the center. I did this for both lines of the quote


Step Two: Once I got the spacing and words in place (I made sure they were equally spaced from both sides and the words were the same distance apart), I traced outside the words onto the tape to use as a guide.


Step Three: I started with the bottom line of the quote and put my tape up there lining up the the window ledges. Because mine was in between windows, the ledges provided a raised area so the tape didn’t actually touch the wall.


Step Four: I applied two to three command strips per word depending on the length of the word


Step Five: Using the tape guide, I slid the words up under the tape and used my traced lines as a guide to get the word in place.



Step Six: Repeat these steps for the second line of the quote.


So that’s all! I hope you love my nursery wall quote as much as we do!

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