Spring Floral and Rattan Console Styling


After finding two rattan wrapped vases at the thrift store, I have been keeping an eye out for more so I can have a small collection on hand. Last Fall I picked up a couple vases as well as some rattan wrapped candles at Big Lots to add to the collection, so slowly but surely it’s growing. One day I hope to use a large collection of them for a dining room tablescape but until then, I thought they’d make the perfect Spring vignette in our living room.


When I start restyling my console table, I usually go around my house collecting any items that are similar to the colors, textures, style I am wanting. In this case, I collected anything wicker or rattan, neutral florals, etc. I knew I wanted to use my Spring Wreath from DaisyMaeBelle so I kept that in mind for the florals. This is when I shop my house and my decor stashes. I find things I haven’t used in a while and even changing it from a different room often leads to a nice change.


When doing this, I ran across this wooden birdcage I bought from JoAnn’s last summer on clearance that I knew would work perfect with my vase collection. I used my friend Kendra’s blog post sharing 5 ways to Decorate a Birdcage to get some ideas. I decided to use some battery operated candles I had with a faux floral bouquet that I’ve had from Michaels for several years.


The rest I just kept tweaking until I was happy. I took the candles out of the rattan covers and just used tealight candles inside since the candles were blue and didn’t match. I felt like I needed something on the outsides so I grabbed my Ikea topiaries and they finished the vignette perfectly. The great thing about this is I shopped my house. The only thing I did buy was the light greenery stems because I wasn’t loving what I had on hand and found those at Old Time Pottery for $1.99 a stem. 

When I was collecting items to use, I grabbed my Desnudo Casa Beads since they are raw wood and jute which complimented the collection of items I was using. I love these beads because they’re the perfect accent piece to hang on any vignette.


I am loving this new spring floral and rattan vignette and plan to leave it for more than a month… most likely! 😉





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