DIY Wooden Bun Foot and Iron Pumpkin

DIY Wooden Bun Foot and Iron Pumpkin and Wheat

I shared this project last fall on the blog and couldn’t wait to share with you all here! This was one of my all time favorite projects and I hope to get it posted early enough for people to try it out this year!

I was walking through a local store that has booths full of furniture, décor, etc. when I saw these unfinished bun feet in a box with some other unfinished wooden pieces. I had pumpkins on the brain and immediately saw them as potential pumpkins. These could be painted or stained but I loved the wood grain and contrast of the unfinished wood and cast iron “stems” so I decided to leave them as is.


  •         Wooden Furniture Foot – similar to these
  •         Iron Drawer Pull (I purchased these from Hobby Lobby)
  •         Hack Saw
  •         Power Drill
  •         Plyers
  •         Felt or Cork
  •         Hot Glue


Step 1: Using the hack saw, cut off the existing screw on the furniture foot.

Note: It would be easier to remove with plyers but these were glued too tightly.  

Step 1

Step 2: Using a hack saw, saw off the flat end of the screw that comes with the knob. That side will be screwing into the body of the pumpkin so you won’t be able to use it with the head.

DIY Wooden Bun Foot and Iron Pumpkin_step3


Step 3: Drill a hole into the center of the “bottom” of the foot (opposite side as the original screw) and then twist the screw into the hole using plyers.

Step 3

Note: If you want to paint or stain your pumpkin, you’ll want to do that now.

Step 4: Screw the drawer pull onto the screw until it’s tight.

Step 4

Step 5: Cut a circle out of thin cork or felt and hot glue on the bottom to protect your surface from the potential end of the old screw.

Note: If you have a grinder or metal file, you could file the edge of the cut screw until smooth and skip this step.

Step 5
DIY Wooden Bun Foot and Iron Pumpkin_topview

Note: The drawer knob fit perfectly but I wouldn’t recommend picking it up from the knob just to be safe. The wooden bun foot is pretty heavy and I didn’t want to trust the screw. You could always add some wood glue on Step 3 to help secure the knob.

That is all! I have never seen pumpkins like this so they’re unique and easy to make which is the best kind of DIY project! You can customize it to fit your style, just stain it, paint it, distress it or switch out the drawer pull to suit your taste!

DIY Wooden Bun Foot and Iron Pumpkin

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