Elegant Outdoor Wedding Decor

Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_VIf you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen some sneak peaks of this amazing wedding that I had the pleasure of decorating this past fall. A friend of mine was getting married on her family’s land and she and her mom had this awesome vision but just needed someone to make it all happen that day. I’m thrilled to finally be able to share this elegant outdoor wedding with you all! This was my first wedding to decorate for and it didn’t disappoint, I am sure you will all agree!

All photography is by Jessica McCravy Studios

The bride’s father built the awesome pallet wall for the reception and it was by far my favorite thing to style! The rustic wall and shelves were right up my alley, I was wishing I could just take it all home with me!

Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_H9 Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_H11Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_V5Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_V6


Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_V9 Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_V8

The bride and her mother bought all kinds of beautiful lanterns, candle sticks, birdcages, pots, etc. which all worked together beautifully. They had tons of flowers and succulents that I got to work with that were just perfect together.

I always like switching things up from what you would normally use in lanterns or on candlesticks. I used small pots of succulents or flowers in several lanterns and also on some of the candlesticks. 

Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_V7 Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_V4


The bride and groom table was strategically placed right in front of that beautiful wall with a collection of beautiful collected pieces including the brides grandmothers goblets.

Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_H5 Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_H8 Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_V3

Here are a few more shots of this gorgeous reception!

Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_H3 Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_H2 Outdoor_Elegant_Wedding_H

Thank you Emily for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a special day! This wedding was so much fun to decorate for and I definitely will never forget it!

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