Book Themed Baby Shower


I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we threw a Book themed baby shower for a sweet friend and I thought I’d show you several pictures from that special celebration.


You probably remember my DIY Kids Book Wreath tutorial that I shared here.

Book-Baby-Shower-H Book-Baby-Shower-V2

We were fortunate that a sister of a hostess had thrown a book themed baby shower before and made some adorable book decor like these on the mantle.


We borrowed the framed book prints and the banner from a friend’s book themed nursery which was perfect for the shower. They were bright, fun and festive and FREE! I can’t take credit for much from this shower but it was too cute not to share!


To keep the cost down we ordered a plain cake from Publix and one of the girls printed this cute little book cover banner to spruce it up!


It was a wonderful day to celebrate my sweet friend Sarah and William, whom I can’t wait to meet!

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