Shop the House Design Challenge

The New Year often brings challenges, goals, budgets and many other changes. As a home decor lover that tries to keep things as frugal as possible, I wanted to put some focus on the idea of “shop the house”. I’ve teamed up with some other awesome bloggers to encourage ourselves to get creative with things we already have and also to inspire you all to shop your house and be resourceful. We are each selecting one area of our house that we will use throughout the entire challenge. For the next 4 months we will completely restyle the space using only items that we already own. We can DIY or transform a piece but only if we had the items on hand for the project. We would love if you want to get creative and play along! Make sure you use the hashtag #shopthehousedesignchallenge so we don’t miss it!

I chose our dining room because I knew it would be a challenge and would be out of my comfort zone. I look forward to restyling this hutch to look completely different and not spend any money doing it! Check back next month to see how things have changed!

Shop_The_House_Dining_Room2 Shop_The_House_Dining_Room

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