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I connected with Erin Weidenmann, the author of Bible Belles, through a co-worker of mine. Erin is one of those people who you just love from the moment you meet her. Erin has such a moving testimony and drive to share God’s love, you can’t help but be touched by her.

Here is a little bit about Erin and about the Bible Belle series! Make sure to check below to enter to win your own Bible Belle book! I don’t have kids yet but I have a niece on the way and know several friends with little girls so I will definitely be buying these books to share!

Why did you decide to write this series?

Erin_BibleBellesIn 2007 I was 26, and I was diagnosed with cancer. The disease was extensive, and the road to recovery was terrifying and unknown. Like the “tough” girl I was, I put my head down and tried to handle the emotional weight of it on my own. I thought that I was being strong by not leaning on anyone, but I suddenly realized that I couldn’t get through it alone. I had walked away from God years earlier, but I had finally hit my breaking point.

Since that time, the cancer has come back again and again and again. Four more times, and I’m still here. I know it’s because God has called me to battle back against the feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, and judgment that affect so many young girls. They need to know that they are wonderfully made, that they are loved, and that their lives are worth much more than they think.

I know that the struggle to be perfect and to have it all together will be as real for my daughter as it was for me. How will she learn what real beauty is? How can I teach her what she needs to know so she can become who she is meant to be? I don’t want to lose my girl to this world and what it will tell her. I want to do something that will connect her and other girls with real heroes early so they can learn and carry their own value with them for the rest of their lives.

Tell us about Bible Belles. The first book is based on the story of Hannah. What other women are you highlighting in the series?

Bible Belles_ HannahBible Belles is a series based on five superhero women of the Bible: Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth, and Deborah. HEARD. These women were extraordinary because they made a different kind of noise than the noise of today’s world. Today, the girls who are loud, rude, and obsessed with outer beauty are the ones a lot of girls look up to and try to act like. The Bible Belles series is a new way for girls to celebrate the qualities that make up a truly beautiful woman: prayer, patience, bravery, loyalty, and leadership.

The series is framed by our fictional main character: Rooney Cruz. She’s a modern day girl who struggles with regular problems. In each story, she has an “up close and personal” interaction with each Bible Belle by looking in on her life and then applying what she learns to her own. This allows the reader to understand the connection between biblical teaching and meaningful application to struggles girls often face.

There is a free book up for grabs. Head over to my facebook page or Instagram account to enter! Winner will be selected Saturday evening!


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