No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

dropclothcurtains22I have had a very hard time finding curtains that were budget friendly and the length that I needed for our living room. I’ve seen many different tutorials on drop cloth curtains and decided to give it a shot and I’m SO glad that I did!! I’m not going to go through all the steps because there are lots of DIY tutorials out there that do a great job of showing the steps but I did think I would answer some of the questions I was asked on Instagram. I found this tutorial to be the best for my particular project:

Price Break Down:

Lowes – 15 ft x 4 ft Drop Cloths – $16.98 each

Hobby Lobby – Large Curtain Grommets – $5 each with 40% off coupon (yes – I took two trips to save my $3)

Stitch Witchery – already had in supplies

Curtain Rods – Tuesday Morning for $9.99 each

If you are considering making some of your own, here are a few things you may find helpful!

  • Wash and Dry them before you start this project. They can shrink up a bit and it also makes them softer and gets rid of the odd smell out of the package.
  • Don’t assume that they are exactly the size it says on package. I did the math on how far apart the grommets should be and it wasn’t exactly 4 ft on either panel and the two were not the exact widths.
  • I debated between the ring clips and grommets but I’m so glad I did the extra work to add the grommets. It was easy to do and I think they give the curtains the appearance that they were more expensive than they were.
  • We hung the curtain rods and I went ahead and put the curtains on them and then I marked where to cut them. I measured where they touched the floor and then added 3 inches. Once I folded and “hemmed” with the stitch witchery that left about a 2.5 inch pool in the floor. These panels ended up being approximately 113 inches long.
  • I have about 60 x 48 inches left from each panel to use on a future project which may be perfect to add length to other curtains or to make pillow covers, etc.

dropclothcurtains dropclothcurtains2

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