DIY Burlap Ampersand Canvas

A while back I was in a gift shop/home store in Athens, Alabama called Pimentos. They have some of the cutest stuff! If you live in the area, do yourself a favor and go check it out! I’ve been anxious to go back ever since! One of many items that grabbed my attention was a burlap ampersand canvas. I love the use of ampersands for home decor and thought that would be perfect in many areas of our house, plus you all know my love for burlap! I’m proud to say that for once I knew I could make something myself without having to consult Pinterest, although there is probably a tutorial out there!

I apologize for not documenting all of the steps with my camera but this project is really super easy and I had finished before I thought about it!

Here is how to make it:

First thing you need is a burlap canvas. They sell these at any craft store. I bought a pack of two at Walmart for cheap but I’ve seen them at many other stores. You could even make your own if you’d rather not buy one and you have the supplies  


If you’re confident in your handwriting/painting skills, you can freehand your ampersand. For mine, I created an easy stencil to fit the canvas size I chose. I printed an Ampersand in a font I liked on cardstock paper and cut out the ampersand with an exacto knife. You’ll want to keep the inside circles to use for the stencil as well.

Then using a small paint brush and acrylic paint, I started outlining the stencil. I was very careful to hold down the stencil and make sure not to get paint up under the stencil edge. After outlining the symbol, I could remove the stencil and just fill in the ampersand. I painted a couple layers to give it the coverage it needed.


Then you just let it dry and use it on a gallery wall or propped up anywhere as extra home décor! I love the way it turned out and it was less than $3 as opposed to $15-$20 in a store! This is a very cheap and easy décor piece that can be used throughout the house and can be done on any kind of canvas, with any letter, number or symbol and can be done in any color!

IMG_6266 IMG_6268 IMG_6355b - Copy

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