DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

I currently have the old window and book wreath you’ve seen used around the house hanging over our bed. It looks great but I felt like it needed something else. I saw several different mason jar wall decor items listed on etsy and thought they’d be perfect on each side of the window! Just add it to the to do list, right?

I had to get help from the husband for this project because I’m not fully comfortable with power tools..YET! I’m getting better though! I did cut the wood without Bryant home…that was a big step for me!


Wood – left over from our porch railing. I like it because its good and weathered which means I don’t have to stain or paint it (FREE)

2 Small Mason Jars

2 Hose Clamps – Lowes Plumbing Section

Drill & Screws

mason jar candle holders 2 mason jar candle holders 1

Here is how we made them:

1. I used a table saw to cut the wood to the desired length. I then buffed the edges on the concrete to remove any lose splinters and the rough edges.

2. I used leftover walnut stain from my crate project to stain the ends that I cut so they weren’t lighter than the rest of the wood.

mason jar candle holders 3

3. My husband used a drill bit to drill a hole in the hose clamp and also went ahead and drilled a small hole in the wood where we would screw in the hose clamp

mason jar candle holders 4

4. After you’ve created the hole in the wood and the hole in the hose clamp, line them up and drill the hose clamp into the wood.

mason jar candle holders 6

Then just tighten the hose clamp to fit the mason jar and Voila!

mason jar candle holders 5

That’s all it takes and you have a lovely mason jar wall decor that can hold a candle or flower or whatever you want!


Here it is with a flower


But currently I’ve just got tealight candles in them



I recently switched out to the blue mason jars to add a bit of color. That’s the great thing is I can switch the mason jars out as I want to!


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